6 april 2024, 10:30

Pralaya Fundamentals (hip openers)

In Pralaya Fundamentals we go deep into the mechanics of the body and the working of the muscles, which can be applied in your regular yoga practice. In this workshop we focus on opening the tight and/or weak hip muscles, first learning how to tighter vs. weaker muscles, and then how to create a better balance between them. The goal is to great more flexibility in the hips and less pain or aches in the hips and knees, and increase the overall flow of energy through the body. In the practice of Pralaya yoga you will always search for the weak muscle in a specific area and start strengthening it so that the tight muscle on the opposite side starts to let go and becomes more flexible. This creates balance in the muscular structure, healthier joints, greater bone density, better energy flow in the nervous system, a strong and flexible body, mental balance, and a greater body awareness. The workshop is suitable for people from all levels and ages and different practices of yoga. With guidance from the instructor you will decide how long you stay in a pose, or how far you go with the exercise. Pralaya is a safe practice for every body, as it allows you to set your own limits while working towards greater strength and flexibility. Pralaya yoga was created by Robert Boustany to address common injuries by those who regularly practised yoga. Pralaya finds its roots in Himalayan yogi’s, B.K.S Iyengar, Ashtanga, touch for health. Danny Snoek has been practicing yoga since 2003, and started his practice in Pralaya with Robert Boustany in 2010.

Locatie: Inner Embassy